4 Responses to 2011

  1. Margaret Kelley says:

    Jake, these look wonderful. This is fun for me. Hope you sell a bunch. Love, Margaret

  2. Whisper says:

    Beautiful splatters of red and blue
    On a background, a mystery of its own
    A twin untamed and wrapped around gold
    Reaching out to its trapped twin on silver
    The golden one, with tendrils of blue and white
    Erupting on red, paying no heed to the green circle around it
    But its equal opposite, upon the gloomy gray sky
    Contained is the insanity of red, not allowed beyond borders
    Never touching the red circle until it drips downward in submission
    Like two warriors fighting, from opposing sides
    One for the greater good, the other for evil
    Yet so evenly matched, neither advances
    Trapped in eternity, forever equal
    Twins of gold and silver, Gemini
    – A passing by whisper

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